House Rules


This game is for the player’s enjoyment- not the game master’s.


No racism or bigotry- outside of necessary historical references

3- Tell Tales:

When someone wants to Taunt, Persuade, or Perform the action occurs before the roll, so the Marshal (GM) can give an additional +1 or +2 to the roll if it is good


Each session a player or GM will be assigned to write the official log. This log is due no later than 12AM Eastern Time on the Wednesday (technically Thursday morning for Eastern Time) prior to the following session. The player who writes the official log gains an additional 1 Conviction at the start of the following session.

Should the person assigned the official log fail to write that log they will be termed Abandoned by Fate and lose all Bennies and Conviction for the session. A second failure, in a row, to write the official log will result in the character loosing access to an advance until the next official log that they write.


in addition to the rules listed on page 130 of the SWADE, a character who receives a Joker may tell a story “they heard” making a declaration about the game without the need to pay a Benny. Players who choose to do this draw another card.
A red card means the information in the story is primarily true. A black card means the information may or may not be true, but at least one of the major moments of the story, and changes the meaning of the story for the party.


If a player’s birthday falls on the weekend of a regular play session, that will be his birthday session. If a player’s birthday falls off the weekend of a regular play session, the player can take his birthday session on the regular play session that will fall right before his birthday, or right after. Even in situations where the break between sessions is greater than 2 weeks, this same rule applies, allowing the player to pick the regular play session before or after his birthday.
Player Birthday Sessions grant the player a Conviction!
Character Birthdays: All character birthdays will be entered as part of Physical Info on the character sheet. The year can be left blank until the microscope sessions end, but the day and month will need to be entered before session 0. Character Birthdays will be tracked by the in-game calendar, not the real-life calendar. Character Birthday Sessions will take effect the session after their birth date is passed in-game.
Character Birthday Sessions grant the player 2 additional bennies at the start of the session.
GM Birthday: The GM gets a Birthday session much like a player does, and can give the Conviction to any NPC the player’s interact with during his session.


Attendance will be measured for an 8 session period (16 weeks). Each session will be 6 hours in length starting at 6 PM Pacific Time (9 PM Eastern Time) and ending at midnight Pacific Time (3 AM Eastern Time). Provided a player is at the session for at least 5 hours of the 6-hour game session, they will be counted as attending the session.
Players who make a habit of arriving late or leaving early may have their attendance tally reduced on a by case basis. If this happens, the GM will reach out to the player before any penalty is assessed and discuss options that will help the entire group in the future.
Players who receive at least 6 attendance points will gain 2 additional Bennies for each session during the next attendance period. Players who receive at least 4 attendance points will gain 1 additional Benny for each session during the next attendance period.


If your character dies, you will be able to make a new character with the same number of advances as you had before. This does not mean you will be the same rank as before, as a MARS character begins at Seasoned, so changing to/from a MARS character will change your rank.
During the first 2 sessions from the start of play, whether the start of the game or for a new player joining the game, you may change to a different character, once, without penalty.
After the first two sessions, or after a free exchange has been made, every change of character will cost 1 more advance than the last, starting at 1 advance. This means that you will gain 1 less advance for your first character switch, 2 fewer advances for the second, and so on. There is no cap to the number of advances you can lose on a voluntary character change and could put you into advance debt (IE you have lost more advances than would take you to Novice at 0 advances).
A player can go no further than Novice -4. If they do, their next character will be a Mook (non-Wild Card). This is a very bad thing. They will need to clear all 5 advances they are in debt before they can become a Wild Card like everyone else and begin advancing again.
BEYOND LEGENDARY: Once a player has gotten a character past legendary, they will lose the equivalent of a Non-legendary advance per replacement (5 XP). This means two replacements equal a legendary advance.
DEATH IN A POST LEGENDARY WORLD: Once the first player passes into legendary, death will begin to have meaning. Each time a player dies, they will lose 20 XP in advances


House Rules

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